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SDHF Newspetter No. 245 Mobilized workers from Korea

- Posted on 25/07/2019

A Pronouncement on “mobilized workers from Korea” at the UN Human Rights Council 41st session July 25, 2019 The International Research Institute of Controversial Histories (iRICH) sent a mission to the UN Human Rights Council’s 41st…
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SDHF Newsletter No. 244 Japan’s Master plan for Victory 1

- Posted on 23/07/2019

JAPAN’S MASTER PLAN FOR VICTORY: WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN By Moteki Hiromichi Heart Publishers, Tokyo, 2018 Series No.1: FOREWORD & TOC July 23, 2019 If I were to say that Japan had a formula (and a viable one at that) for victory in…
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SDHF Newsletter No.243 Gunkanjima (Battlehsip Insland) No.1

- Posted on 20/06/2019

Gunkanjima (Battleship Island): A World Heritage Site Soiled by Korea --Another distortion of history, akin to the “comfort women” By Matsuki Kunitoshi Series No.1: Introduction, Table of Contents June 20, 2019 The film Gunkanjima …
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SDHF Newsletter No.242 Korean Mysticism and anti-Japanese 5

- Posted on 10/06/2019

Korean Mysticism and Anti-Japanese (Seirindo Co. Ltd.) By Tajima Osamu Series No.5: Chapter 4 Anti-Japanese Korea was made by Japan June 10, 2019 The author presents the following stories concerning An Jung-geun and Queen Min, wh…
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SDHF Newsletter No.241 Book review Coming Japanese Nightmare

- Posted on 30/05/2019

An American Speaks on Japanese History: The Coming Japanese Nightmare, A Unified Korea Max von Schuler Heart Publishers, Tokyo, 2017 Reviewed by Tadashi Hama May 30, 2019 German-American Max von Schuler arrived in Japan as a US …
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SDHF Newsletter No.240 The Cancer That is China 56

- Posted on 20/05/2019

THE CANCER THAT IS CHINA A Taiwanese Physician’s Prescription (Namiki Shobo) Lin Jianliang Series No.6 CHAPTER 5: CAN JAPAN METAMORPHOSE INTO BLACK JACK? May 20, 2019 The author asserts that the Japanese cannot possibly overc…
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SDHF Newsletter No.239 Book review Comfort Women and Sex in the Battale Zone

- Posted on 08/05/2019

Comfort Women and Sex in the Battle Zone Ikuhiko Hata Hamilton Books, 2018 Reviewed by Tadashi Hama May 8, 2019 The reviewer, Mr. Hama, writes that recent events in the Republic of Korea have demonstrated that it has transformed in…
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SDHF Newsletter No.238 The truth is that anti-whaling America kills whales

- Posted on 27/03/2019

The truth is that anti-whaling America “kills” whales An interview with Keiko Yagi, Director of the film Behind the Cove March 27, 2019 The Japanese Government announced its withdrawal from the IWC (International Whaling Commiss…
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SDHF Newsletter No.237 Korean Mysticism and anti-Japanese 4

- Posted on 21/03/2019

Korean Mysticism and Anti-Japanese (Seirindo Co. Ltd.) By Tajima Osamu Series No. 4: Chapter 3 A Country of Love and Curse March 21, 2019 The Korean Peninsula, the author points out, is a treasure-house of shamanism and mysticis…
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SDHF Newsletter No.236 Open Questions to CERD on Korea

- Posted on 12/03/2019

Open Questions to the CERD Concluding Observations on the Combined Seventeenth to Nineteenth Periodic Reports of the Republic of Korea on Jan. 10, 2019 March 12, 2019 Japan NGO Coalition against Racial Discrimination (JNCRD) submit…
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