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SDHF Newsletter No.285 KIM Byung-heon talks on truth of comfort women issue No.1

- Posted on 01/09/2020

KIM Byung-heon talks about the truth about the Comfort Women Issue Series No.1: Press Conference in front of the Comfort Girl Statue in Seoul September 1, 2020 On May 7, 2020, Ms. LEE Yong-soo, spokesperson for former comfort wome…
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SDHF Newsletter No. 284 Book Review Hawaiian Sovereignty

- Posted on 19/08/2020

Hawaiian Sovereignty: Do the Facts Matter? Thurston Twigg-Smith Goodale Publishing, 1998 Reviewed by Tadashi Hama August 20, 2020 One notes from the current rioting in America not only how rapidly American racial minorities …
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SDHF Newsletter No. 283 Book Review Becoming less intelligent

- Posted on 27/07/2020

At Our Wit’s End: Why We’re Becoming Less Intelligent and What it Means for the Future Edward Dutton and Michael Woodley of Menie Imprint Academic, 2018 Reviewed by Tadashi Hama July 27, 2020 A previous book by Woodley of Men…
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SDHF Newsletter No.282 Japan’s Master Plan for Victory 5

- Posted on 09/07/2020

JAPAN’S MASTER PLAN FOR VICTORY: WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN By Moteki Hiromichi Heart Publishers, Tokyo, 2018 Series No.5, Chapter 4: Why Japan Could Not Implement Master Plan July 9, 2020 As I described in Chapter 3, had Japan a…
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SDHF Newsletter No.281 Deceitful Korean NGO and Comfort Women Issue

- Posted on 23/06/2020

A Deceitful Korean Citizens’ Group (NGO) and Comfort Women Issue June 23, 2020 On May 7, 2020, Ms. LEE Yong-soo, spokesperson for the former comfort women stated the following at a press conference in Daegu, South Korea. 1) The…
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SDHF Newsletter No.280 Succession to the Imperial Throne

- Posted on 19/06/2020

“The succession of the Imperial Throne” in Japan Response from two NGOs to the questions to Japanese Government concerning the above mentioned issue June 19, 2020 The Japanese government received a demand from the Committee on…
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SDHF Newsletter No.279 Book Review Japanese Guam Administration

- Posted on 15/06/2020

The Japanese Administration of Guam, 1941-1944: A Study of Occupation and Integration Policies, with Japanese Oral Histories Wakako Higuchi McFarland & Company, Inc., 2013 Reviewed by Tadashi Hama June 15, 2020 Japan lande…
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SDHF Newsletter No.278 Counting the Blessing of Whales No.3

- Posted on 03/06/2020

Counting the Blessing of Whales: Insights from a Chopsticks-Wielding Patriot Koizumi Takeo Series No.3: Chapter 2 Whales Help the Japanese Once Again June 3, 2020 Japan's food self-sufficiency rate is critical. In 2009, it dr…
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SDHF Newsletter No.277 Open Letter To Japan National Archives No.4

- Posted on 11/05/2020

Open Letter to the National Archives of Japan Regarding the Special Internet Exhibit “Diplomatic Negotiation between Japan and the United States” No.4 May 11, 2020 As reported in No.3 of this series, Prof. Sugihara sent a respon…
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SDHF Newsletter No.276 WGIP and ‘Historical Warefare’No.2 Prologue

- Posted on 05/05/2020

War Guilt Information Program (WGIP) and “History Warfare” By Takahashi Shiro Published by The Institute of Moralogy Series No. 2: Prologue: A trip to visit overseas archives May 5, 2020 In this prologue, Professor Takahasi Sh…
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