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SDHF Newsletter No.294 Nanjing Incident-Japanese Eyewitness complerte version

The Nanjing Incident: Japanese Eyewitness Accounts
-Testimony from 48 Japanese Who Were There-
By Ara Ken’ichi
November 24, 2020

This book is highly significant in that it contains the words of military officials, journalists, diplomats and others who were in Nanjing in 1937. The so-called “Nanjing Incident” is a very controversy issue – even what to name it is controversial. The most obvious path to take to arrive at the facts is to listen to the people who were actually there that time. Therefore, Mr. Ara Ken’ichi adopted this approach for this book–the most forthright and honest from a journalistic perspective.
What did the Japanese do or did not do? What did they see? Was there anything that they saw that could be considered a massacre? After you read this book, you will see the truth.
This book will be published in kindle and on-demand-publishing from Amazon soon.


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