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To free-thinking intellectuals and the global mass media


November 30, 2015

To free-thinking intellectuals and the global mass media

You may recall our October 1, 2015 e-mail refuting the open letter written by “187 scholars” on May 5, 2015, which was followed up by an updated version two days later wherein a total of 464 signatures were appended to the letter.
No meaningful response to our rebuttal has been received from any of the 464 signatories despite the passage of over two months.
Since they are entirely unable to offer any reasonable counters to our criticism, we can only conclude that their so-called arguments concerning the comfort women issue are no more than flimsily disguised anti-Japan bashing. Nonetheless, we appreciate the opportunity to expose the fact that the so-called comfort women issue is based on fabrications.
We have recently sent the attached, requesting a new open letter based on facts and logic, as scholars are supposed to use when formulating arguments.
You will see how the “open letter” scholars’ remarks concerning the comfort women issue and the pestering of Prime Minister Abe are baseless and irresponsible. Furthermore, their comments collapse precisely due to their baselessness and irresponsibility.

The names and titles of those who signed onto the open letter: (
Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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