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To the 187 scholars and their followers who publicized their open letter about the comfort women


November 30, 2015

To the 187 scholars and their supporters who published their open letter concerning the comfort women

Almost two months have passed since we sent the “Response to the Updated Version of the Open Letter in Support of Historians in Japan”. This was sent via e-mail on Oct. 1, 2015.
We have not received a single meaningful response to either our criticisms of your remarks on the comfort women issue and your comments to Prime Minister Abe.
This could be taken to mean that your group has been entirely unable to refute our fact-based arguments. Furthermore, your group has defamed the Japanese people based on unsubstantiated claims. From a legal stand point, this is slander.
Your group claims to be composed of scholars. Real scholars verify facts and confirm what is said as true and reasonable.
However, your group has utterly failed in this regard, even with the passage of about two months since our rebuttal.
Thus, we have informed serious-minded scholars and the global mass media in light of the current facts.
Please feel free to issue another open letter to rebut our criticism of your open letter.
We look forward to hearing from you concerning the facts as they have been stated.
We ask that you discharge your responsibility as scholars and respond to our criticism in a timely and civil manner.

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