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Lieutenant General Higuchi Kiichiro Symposium Message from Mr. Edward N. Luttwak


Message from Mr. Edward N. Luttwak

Higuchi Kiichiro’s name will live as long as the memory of the Jewish people persists, and so far it has persisted in written form for more than two thousand years. The enemies of the Jews are precisely remembered with indignation, their
Friends precisely remembered in gratitude.

It was a simple decision that General Higuchi faced: once he knew what was happening at the border, he could take up the burden of all that had to be done to help thousands survive, or else he could just look away. Nobody would have blamed him if he had just carried out his assigned Army duties, leaving the Jews to their fate. But he would have blamed himself. because heroes do not wait for orders to do what must be done. Nor do they seek applause. It is a privilege to remember Higuchi Kiichiro with you.

Edward N. Luttwak