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Lieutenant General Higuchi Kiichiro Symposium Rabbi Mendi Sudakevich’s Message


Rabbi Mendi Sudakevich’s Message


Dear all who have gathered here today to honor a very special individual, General
Higuchi Kiichiro!

The Hebrew term for gratitude is “HaKaras HaTov”,
HaKaras HaTov is often translated as gratitude, but that really doesn’t do the concept
justice. HaKaras HaTov means “acknowledging the good” – recognizing that
someone has benefited me.

The trouble is that many times those who chose to do good stay in the shadows,
and we don’t recognize the gifts they have given us. Especially when people are so
busy with survival.

One of the first things that we the Jewish people teach our children from a very early
age is to say thank you, and as soon as we wake up every single morning we say
“MODEH ANI LEFANECAH,” I thank you g-d for the life you have given me.

“HaKaras HaTov” – acknowledging the good that someone did to us is embedded in
our Jewish tradition for over 3000 years and we always remember and appreciate
individuals who did good to us!

I’m very happy and honored to be able to give “HaKaras HaTov” in the name of my
Jewish people to General Higuchi Kiichiro who in a very difficult time for the Jewish
Nation, General Higuchi didn’t look the other way, and did what was the right thing to
do just because he felt and understood the need. What a brave and special person
he was!

We should all do more in his memory and we should also act like him today and
care for others even without recognition just because this is the right thing to do!
Thank you all

Rabbi Mendi Sudakevich