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Reflecting on the new wave of racist Anti-Asian violence in America

By David Lee,

Reflecting on the new wave of racist Anti-Asian violence in America
David Lee

The English language version of the Mainichi Shimbun, April 2, 2021, sneered that Americans throughout their history have always hated Asians and laid the blame for the current “wave” of American anti-Asian violence at the feet of former President Donald Trump. The Mainichi Shimbun dutifully reminds readers that Japanese in America were rounded up and sent to “interment camps” (or “concentration camps” to others) during World War II. Had the Mainichi Shimbun spent a little more effort in historical research, it would have found that it was President Franklin Roosevelt, the New Deal Democrat god worshipped by Western liberals, who ordered the Japanese into “internment camps”. The Mainichi Shimbun would have also discovered Roosevelt’s aversion of the Japanese—he joked that the Japanese are the result of an ancient tryst between a Chinese princess and a baboon. Furthermore, the Mainichi Shimbun would have found out that Roosevelt hoped to bred out Japanese “aggressiveness” by making them intermarry with other races. In our current liberal climate, it is quite alright for the Mainichi Shimbun and other media to vilify former President Trump for alleged anti-Asian racism but not President Roosevelt, a proven anti-Japanese racist.

If the reporting in the Mainichi Shimbun is representative of Japanese media, then one will not expect anything less from the young, beautiful and oblivious talents, or celebrity guests, on Japanese prime-time TV shows. They will bemoan American “white supremacists” beating helpless Asians and parrot the nonsense that the eight people killed in massage parlors in Atlanta in March was because of white racism. The media will studiously ignore the fact that four of the victims were Koreans massage parlor workers. By the way, one should also not expect the Mainichi Shimbun, or any other Japanese media, to wonder about the disproportionate involvement of Koreans in the US sex trade. The Gainesville Times of north Georgia reported on May 3, 2018 that seven women were charged with prostitution and “keeping places of prostitution”: most of those charged were Korean. News of Korean prostitutes appear in American media every so often, but apparently, Americans do not consider this a dire threat to national security.

The squawking emanating from the Western media recently, that America is engulfed in a “wave” of Trump-inspired anti-Asian violence, is grossly disingenuous. Today’s media in the West, as well as in Japan, overlook the fact that black Americans were behind previous “waves” and are behind the current “wave” of anti-Asian violence. Asians in San Francisco have long known that Blacks seek out Asians to rob or assault. Carol Mo, a community organizer, stated as such in the May 2, 2010 edition of the San Francisco Chronicle. She called the city’s black-on-Asian violence “San Francisco’s dirty little secret”. The article stated that Asian residents “are being targeted for robberies, burglaries and intimidation by young black men.” Mo further stated that “in 85 percent of the physical assault crimes, the victims were Asia and the perpetrators were African American.” The response by San Francisco city officials is typical of modern liberal America—“[downplay] the role of race.” Korean-owned businesses operating in black urban areas have long endured shoplifting and armed robbery, reports the Washington Post, May 7, 1995. Koreans also faced economic violence—boycotts of their business if they do not cave into demands of “employment and financial support to the [Black] communities where their businesses thrive.”

In the current liberal climate, in which American blacks are viewed as victims of white supremacy and white institutional racism, the tendency is to downplay anything negative that arises from the black American community. Thus, stories of blacks beating Asians put the real victims, black Americans, in a bad light, so these stories are downplayed or quickly censored. In fact, we were told by the Western media that the looting, arson and assault in urban America in 2020 were merely forms of black “peaceful demonstration”. Liberal thinking has slid downhill even further, as there are those who say stolen property is a form of reparations and blacks assaulting non-blacks is a blow against White racism. With this thinking, one can expect in the future more beatings of elderly Asians and threats of bankrupting Asian-run businesses—and we can expect the media to provide cover for the unnamed and mysterious perpetrators.

It is highly unlikely that Japanese talents and journalists have any idea of the reality of race and crime in America. It is even more unlikely that the well-to-do on Japanese TV have ever been intimidated or threatened by a non-Japanese—do they see any while within their limousines or secured mansions? Indeed, Japan boasts of one of the lowest rates of violent crime and one of the lowest rates of immigration of the industrialized world. As with Western media, the Japanese media do not bother to state the fact that American blacks are disproportionately more likely to commit violent and property crimes than other Americans. (With respect to American “police brutality” and racism, the media is not going to point out 2019 findings from David Johnson, University of Maryland, that violent criminal behavior and carrying a weapon, not race, are what lead to police shootings that end in deaths.) Occasionally, the media will confess that American blacks are disproportionately represented at the bottom end of socioeconomic scale, for example, in unemployment, illegitimacy and welfare dependence. In fact, NHK, Japan’s quasi-governmental media outlet, mildly observed that “economic inequality” fueled the black “peaceful protests” in the spring of 2020. The international media hammered Japan for its “insensitivity” and point to Japan’s own racial “problems”—rather than debate facts, Japanese national character was dragged through the gutter.

Perceptive Japanese are not asking why American blacks are so violent. Rather, perceptive Japanese are wondering, but not out loud, what kind of future does Japan face if the borders are open, like those of the US, to non-assimilable aliens? On one hand, given Japan’s current sub-replacement birth rate and aging population, in 45 years, the population will shrink by about one-third. It may be well before this time that Japanese culture and society of the past and today are irreversibly altered. The Japanese sociopolitical elite has offered nothing with respect to pronatalist policies like that of Israel and some European countries. Instead of choosing to make hard socioeconomic policy decisions, to be on the good side of the globalist elite, the Japanese sociopolitical elite is slowly accepting unlimited immigration of non-assimilable aliens as the only solution to Japan’s demographic problem. In place of Japanese culture and history, the elites offer subsummation in Western garbage culture and multiculturalism.

Going down this road, perceptive Japanese people already know how this will end: Japanese culture will slowly transform over time into something hideous and decrepit. The inter-racial violence that plagues America will plague Japan as surely as waves wash endlessly on-shore. Some one once said ”You must learn from the mistakes from others—you will never live long enough to make them all yourself.”