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What we should be thinking after the 2021 Atlanta, Georgia Massage Parlor Murders

By David Lee,

What we should be thinking after the 2021 Atlanta, Georgia Massage Parlor Murders.
David Lee

The Western liberal democracies have fully embraced multiculturalism as the glue that binds their societies. The core notion of multiculturalism is punishing the native majority for both overt and subconscious racism of the past and to prevent the resurgence of future racism by replacing the common culture and history with an alien, disposable culture and a fabricated history. Without multiculturalism, the sociopolitical elites claim that society, civilization itself, will sink back into a racist Dark Age.

In propagating multiculturalism, the sociopolitical and business elites have ceaselessly demanded increased immigration of alien peoples. There will be those in favor of more immigration because it will be “good for the economy”. There will be others supporting more immigration for other reasons but the final goal is the same: dissolution of a common culture and history and dissolution of the nation of Japan. While very liberal European political elites have called multiculturalism a failed experiment, it persists, nonetheless, as the official dogma of Western liberal democracies.

Japan has nearly embraced Western multiculturalism—the dagger that will lead to its own social and spiritual demise is in its hands. The Japanese still looks upon individuals as individuals and we see this in their celebration of sports superstars, those who are part-Japanese and not at all, who compete as a representative of the nation of Japan. However, to Western liberal democracies, Japan has not gone through with plunging the dagger into its belly.

During the 2020 summer riots in the US, Japan attempted to speak openly about race. NHK, the quasi-official voice of the Japanese government, aired a program that suggested that Black-Americans were rioting mainly because of their economic dispossession. In contrast to Asian and White-Americans, Black-Americans are disproportionately represented with respect to poverty, crime and dysfunctional family structure. However, espousing facts is unacceptable to the US Embassy and the international media. NHK was rapidly cowed into submission, apologized and removed the offending program from its website.

If past is prologue, then one already knows what to expect of the Japanese media in its coverage of the recent Massage Parlor murders in Atlanta, Georgia. A young, White Christian likely suffering from mental illness went to several massage parlors and shot and killed a total of eight people and wounded one person. Of the eight who were killed, one was a White man and one was a White woman. Within days of the shooting, the South Korean Consulate in Atlanta reported that four of those killed were “Koreans”, one being a citizen of Korea.

In covering this story, the Western media has already lamented the “rise” in “anti-Asian violence” by “white supremacists” and, for good measure, the need for more “gun control” laws. Tacitly, the Western media tells us that it would be best not to go any further. For example, that the victims included a White male and a White female. Also, why were half of those murdered Korean women? According to the US Census, Koreans make up 0.6% of the US population. Why are there so many Koreans in Massage Parlors in the southern US, which the Western media endlessly tells us that it is the most racist region in America? That the South Korean Consulate was quick to identify four of the victims as Koreans, one should wonder if they keep track of all female Koreans outside of Korea. If so, then why is Korean prostitution in the US still a problem? The Washington Post noted that two of the Massage Parlors where the killings occurred “had been repeatedly targeted in police prostitution investigations”, that “officers went to the businesses at least 21 times of the past 10 years.”

In 2013, US Department of Homeland Security and the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency indicted 21 Korean brothel operators and prostitutes and the leader of an international human smuggling organization, Kyung Jong Jang, all of whom operated within the US. Many Korean prostitutes reside in the US illegally. To shield their businesses from scrutiny, brothel owners bribe local law enforcement and file fraudulent business documents. To hide profits, brothel owners launder their money. Korean women in the modern sex trade are treated as slaves and forced to service customers to pay back massive fees imposed by their owners, including transportation to the US, living expenses and food. According to the Polaris Project, an anti-trafficking organization, over 9,000 identified Massage Parlors in the US generate a total of $2.5 billion a year in revenues. It is unlikely Korean prostitutes see even a sliver of this money from their Korean owners.

Of the other victims, one was a Chinese woman, Xiaojie Tan, who owned two Massage Parlors. How involved are the Chinese in managing American Massage Parlors? (Chinese Americans are 1.5% of the US population.)

While the Western media and NHK lament the deaths of six innocent Asians at the hands of a “white supremacist,” it is unlikely that they will note reciprocated mass murders, committed by Asians, in the US. For example, in 2012, South Korea-born One L. Goh shot and killed seven at Oikos University, “a Christian Korean college” in Oakland, California. Seung-Hui Cho, born in South Korea, killed 32 fellow, mostly White, students at Virginia Tech. Cho’s act has the distinction of being the deadliest school shooting in US history. In 2017, Nengmy Vang, a Hmong, shot and killed four White people in central Wisconsin. The benefits of multiculturalism are copious and cannot be denied! Perceptive Japanese should really keep these benefits in mind if the Japanese mass media, again, extols the virtues of Western-style multiculturalism.

As always, Korea has recently chided Japan over the wartime military “comfort women” issue. The facts of the wartime military comfort women have been detailed in numerous scholarly publications. One salient point is that the wartime military comfort women were not enslaved or bound in poverty as modern Korean prostitutes in America are. The wartime military comfort women issue took root in the minds of Koreans in the early 1990s, due in large part to the bumbling Japanese political leadership and their ill-conceived strategy of handling the issue. One could note that the conditions of modern Korean prostitutes have been superimposed on the wartime military comfort women. One could suppose that the modern image of the wartime military comfort women is based on modern perceptions of Korean prostitutes in America—the coincidences are striking and deserve further consideration.

Indeed, Japanese social, political and business elites need to reflect more on what is best for Japanese people. Japan, of course, does not suffer from a lack of mentally ill people who commit mass murders. Motivated mentally ill Japanese people will find a way—whether with a knife, a vehicle or poison gas. Japan needs to take care of its citizens first and there are many, both young and old, who especially need care and assistance. More and more young Japanese people are forsaking their shared culture and history, making them easy prey for the purveyors of Western-style multiculturalism and other Western illnesses that have already infected the thinking of most of Japan’s elites. The Japanese elites, for the most part, have failed miserably in setting a healthy example, favoring comfortable lies over hard truths and hand-wringing over “hurting feelings” instead of taking the stern, painful measures that are in the best interest of the people.

One can say many things about China, but one cannot say that China has fully embraced Western-style multiculturalism. The long term consequences of this line of thinking are clear to all, including the leadership in Beijing. In time, Western liberal democracies will collapse under the contradictions espoused by Western liberalism and China will be smiling as Japanese people and its culture fades into oblivion.