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The Origins of the US Army’s Korean Comfort Women (5)

By Ch’oe Kil-song,


Abstract: Sexual Mores and the Idea of Chastity in Korea

For the most part, Korean society is Confucian and is said to have a strong sense of sexual mores and morality. It is certainly true that Confucianism upholds unshakeable gender roles for men and women. Korean society adheres to strict rules concerning sexual relationships between men and women as emblematized by the rule that boys and girls over the age of seven sit separately from one another.
However, it's no surprise that Korean men, who have been permitted to be sexually libertine behind the scenes, have natural mixed feelings over the fading away of traditional morality in modern society. In this chapter, the author will reflect on the reality that exists in Korea today which arose in modern society from this historical backdrop.