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The Origins of the US Army’s Korean Comfort Women (2)

By Ch’oe Kil-song,


Abstract: The Origins of the US Army's Korean Comfort Women (2)
Chapter 1 The Korean War As I Experienced It

In this Chapter, the author vividly illustrates his memories of what he experienced at the age of ten during the Korean War.
The arrival of the UN Army: In the summer of 1951, fighter planes attacked the Chinese army which occupied the author’s village. The UN army then entered the village. Villagers welcomed the tall, smartly dressed soldiers, waving at them as they passed by. Soldiers freely distributed chocolates, candy, and cookies to the villagers. With each passing day, villagers grew to like them.
Sexual violence by the UN Army: Unfortunately, the peace was uneasy and did not last long and soon enough, just as the villagers had feared, the soldiers began attacking women. The soldier even brought their dogs to sniff out hidden women.
Embracing prostitution: The crisis actually only lasted about two months, at most. After many prostitutes were brought into the village from Seoul, sexual violence by UN Army disappeared. Prostitutes brought peace, and loveliness, to the village.