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Japan That Helped the Jewish Refugees

By Uesugi Chitoshi,


Japan That Helped the Jewish Refugees
Witten by Uesugi Chitoshi
Published by Tendensha, Tokyo
It is widely known that Sugihara Chiune saved 6000 Jewish refugees by issuing the
so-called “visas of life” in Kaunas, Lithuania just before World War Ⅱ. However, this
is not all the story about Japanese saving of Jews at that time. Author Uesugi introduces
another cases; Maj. Gen. Higuchi Kiichiro in Manchuria and Cap. Inuzuka in Shanghai.
In addition to that Japanese government formally adopted a “Policy Prospectus
Vis-à-vis the Jews on Dec. 6 1938, which clearly dictates no discrimination of Jews in
agreement with the time-honored assertion of equality for all people. The book discloses
historical facts concerning Japanese policy toward Jews and how it was actually