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SDHF Newsletter No.189 New History Textbook for Middle School (9)

New History Textbook for Middle School Students
Series No. 9, Chapter 5: Modern Japan and the World (Part 2)
The Taisho Period and first half of the Showa Period
–Sections 1

November 16, 2017

Series No. 9 contains Chapter 5, Sections 1.

Chapter 5, Section1: World War I and its repercussions
Topic 67– Japan’s participation in World War I
Why did World War I begin and how did Japan become involved in it?
* Excerpts from the Twenty-One Demands
Topic 68 –The Russian Revolution and the conclusion of World War
How did World War I change the world?
* Casualties of World War I
  Topic 69 – The Treaty of Versailles and postwar state of the world
How did the victor powers manage the aftermath of World War I?
Topic 70 – The rise of party politics and social movements
How did party politics evolve in Japan?
* Excerpt from the Founding Declaration of the National Levelers Association
* Attainment of Universal Suffrage
Topic 71 – US-Japan relations and the Washington Conference
What shifts occurred in US-Japan relations between the end of the Russo-Japanese War and the mid-1920s?
* Goto Shimpei
* Why Was the Anglo-Japanese Alliance Abrogated?
Topic 72 – City life and the democratization of culture
What were the distinguishing characteristics of the culture of the Taisho period?



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