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SDHF Newsletter No.160 Sri Lanka’s Independence

- Posted on 08/03/2017

Sri Lanka’s Independence: – a result of Japan’s entry in the Second World War, which sealed the fate of European Colonialism in Asia --by Senaka Weeraratna (Lankaweb, posted on February 2, 2017) March 8, 2017 February 4 is Sri Lan…
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SDHF Newsletter No.159 Alliance for Truth about Comfort Women

- Posted on 23/02/2017

‘Alliance for Truth about Comfort Women’ Expresses Serious Concern on the “Preliminary Observations by the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Freedom of Opinion and Expression” February 23, 2017 Professor David Kaye, United …
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SDHF Newsletter No.158 More Facts Repudiating China’s Claim

- Posted on 20/02/2017

More Facts Repudiating China’s Claim to the Senkaku Islands: English and German Maps Published before the Sino-Japanese War February, 2017 We have published essays rejecting China’s claims to the Senkaku Islands a number of times…
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- Posted on 24/01/2017

STATEMENT OF PROTEST REGARDING THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT'S INTERFERENCE WITH PRIVATE SPEECH ON THE "NANKING MASSACRE" January 24, 2017 On January 17, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs attacked Japan's APA Hotels for placing book…
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SDHF Newsletter No.156 Book Review Middle KIngdom & Empire of Rising Sun

- Posted on 21/01/2017

Middle Kingdom & Empire of the Rising Sun: Sino-Japanese Relations, Past and Present June Teufel Dreyer Oxford University Press, 2016 (Reviewed by Aldric Hama) January 21, 2017 A nuanced understanding of past Chinese and Jap…
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SDHF Newsletter No.155 70th Conference Series 12

- Posted on 10/01/2017

70th Conference Series (12) Joint Declaration of Greater East Asia Conference January 10, 2017 On November 6, 1943, the second day of the Greater East Asia Conference, a Joint Declaration was unanimously adopted. URL: http://w…
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SDHF Newsletter No.154 Japan’s Attack on Pearl Harbor ignited

- Posted on 23/12/2016

Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbour Ignited the Liberation of Asia from Western Domination by Senaka Weeraratna, Attorney at Law (Sri Lanka) December 23, 2016 Mr. Senaka Weerarantna, Sri Lanka, Attorney at Law, prepared this article …
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SDHF Newsletter No.153 70th Conference Series 11

- Posted on 19/12/2016

70th Conference Series (11) Address of Prime Minister Hideki Tojo, Representative of Japan Given at The Greater East Asian Conference held on November 5, 1943 December 19, 2016 So far I have introduced addresses from representat…
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SDHF Newsletter No.152 UN Sex Slave Reort 14

- Posted on 15/12/2016

“Sex-Slave” Report: The UN's Global Hoax (Jiyū-sha) ― Report from the Japanese Delegations to the UN in Geneva ― Written and edited by Fujioka Nobukatsu, Visiting Professor, Takushoku University No.14 Chapter 6: True Nature of the UN R…
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SDHF Newsletter No.151 Question of Guilt

- Posted on 07/12/2016

Question of Guilt: Japan’s Foreign Ministry & Its War Responsibility By SUGIHARA Seishiro December 7, 2016 On December 7, 1941, the Japanese Navy attacked Pearl Harbor. The attack occurred 50 minutes before Japanese Ambassador Nom…
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