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SDHF Newsletter No.161 Testimony of Eyewitness, Tongzhou Massacre

The Tongzhou Massacre:
Testimony of an Eyewitness
Edited & written by Fujioka Nobukatsu

April 7, 2017
Ms. SASAKI Ten’s testimony was introduced in SDHF Newsletter No.147 as material submitted to the UNESCO for Memory of the World Register for concerning the Tongzhou Massacre.
We would like to introduce the book (in the Japanese language), “The Tongzhou Massacre: Testimony of an Eyewitness,” by Professor Fujioka, which contains Ms. Sasaki’s Testimony and background information and an essay by Shirabe Kanga, a monk. It is in this book that Ms. Sasaki’s testimony was first published.
The contents of the book are:
Introduction by Fujioka Nobukatsu
(1) A Gift to Future Generations in Search of the Truth about the Tongzhou Massacre: The Significance of Shirabe Kanga’s Tears of the Emperor and the Testimony of Sasaki Ten – By Fujioka Nobukatsu
(2) The Tragedy of the Tongzhou Massacre – The Hellish Slaughter of Japanese Citizens – By Shirabe Kanga
(3) The Testimony of Ms. Sasaki Ten
(4) Postscript

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MOTEKI Hiromichi, Acting Chairman
for KASE Hideaki, Chairman
Society for the Dissemination of Historical Fact