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SDHF Newsletter No.149 UN Sex Slave Report 13

“Sex-Slave” Report: The UN’s Global Hoax (Jiyu-sha)
― Report from the Japanese Delegations to the UN in Geneva ―
Written and edited by Fujioka Nobukatsu,
Visiting Professor, Takushoku University
No.13: Chapter 6: True Nature of the UN Revealed;
Outlook for the Future
A. What we learned by visiting the Human Rights Council
By Fujiki Shunichi

November 10, 2016、

Mr. Fujiki, member of the Alliance for Truth about the Comfort Women, attended a UN Human Rights Council held on March 11, 2016, alone, and spoke up against Professor Maeda Akira of Tokyo Zokei University, who is a colleague of Mr. Totsuka Etsuro.
He made a two-minute speech at the council meeting, stressing that Mr. Sugiyama, Japanese Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs addressed crucial three points;
・ After a full scale investigation, they could not find any evidence that the Japanese authorities forced Korean women into sexual slavery;
・ The figure “200,000 women,” widely reported as such, has no concrete basis;
・ The term “sex slave” is contrary to the facts, because the women were in fact well-paid prostitutes, according to a US written Prisoners of War interrogation Report No. 49 issued in 1944 and many others.
He further pointed out that the self-proclaimed former comfort women travel to various places, including Europe, the US, and Japan, and make very strange claims, such as, “I was dragged into a jeep by Japanese soldiers, we were especially busy during Christmas time, and I could not communicate with the driver because I could not speak English, [etc.]”
1) Japan did not have jeeps at that time;
2) Japan was/is not a Christian nation so there was/is no holiday for soldiers during “Christmas time”;
3) Japanese soldiers did not speak English.


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