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SDHF Newsletter No.47: Why Is It so Easy for the Chinese to Lie?

SDHF Newsletter No.47: Why Is It so Easy for the Chinese to Lie?

September 24, 2012

Kitamura Minoru, professor at Ritsumeikan University and Lin Sinyu, who holds
a Ph.D. in engineering, discuss Chinese psychology and how it relates to Chinese
interaction with Japan. Chinese thinking of course can apply to countries beyond
Japan. Understanding the Chinese way of thinking is critical not only in
understanding their current and past actions, but to forecast their future actions.

The key behavior is “bihui,” preserving stability of the state and the good name
of the group: “the reputation of your group can’t be dishonored”. For this purpose,
facts can be easily ignored. In other words, lying is allowed and even patriotic.
Drs. Kitamura and Lin’s paper explains this behavior at length and in depth.

You can read their paper and its summary at the links bellow:

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Now the Chinese government is claiming its territorial right over Senkaku Islands.
This claim is based on nothing, considering that a Chinese state authorized map
published in 1960 clearly depicted the Senkaku Islands as Japanese territory.
Indeed, the Chinese government has clearly stated its position on the Senkaku
Islands in the past such as in the “People’s Daily” (the authoritative organ of
the Chinese Communist Party) January 8, 1953: “it (Okinawa) comprises seven group
of islands, including the Senkaku Islands, …”
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