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SDHF Newsletter No.45: A New Look at the Annexation of Korea

SDHF Newsletter No.45: A New Look at the Annexation of Korea

August 17, 2012

Every year at this season, the Korean government demands that Japan apologize
for her annexation of Korea. This year South Korea breached propriety with
President Lee Myung-bak’s demand for an apology from the Japanese Emperor himself.

However, if one looks at the historical facts regarding the annexation of Korea,
one will be puzzled as to why the Korean government makes such a demand.

For example, the total budget of the Korean government for 1911 was 3.6 million yen,
of which 1.3 million yen consisted of tax revenue from the Korean people. Obviously,
the balance was supplemented by the Japanese. In other words, the Korean government
was on the verge of bankruptcy. The truth was that Japan saved Korea from a
financial crisis. Furthermore, Japanese financial assistance continued up to 1939,
when the Japanese supplemented 25% of the total budge.

As to the accusation of the comfort women, the fact is that “a ‘comfort girl’ is
nothing more than a prostitute or ‘professional camp follower’ attached to the
Japanese Army as recorded in the official US document (UNITED STATES OFFICE OF WAR
INFORMATION APO 689). The document also recorded their average income was 750 yen
per month, about 30 times of the Japanese srgent. It is laughable to call women who
earn such high salaries to call “sex slave”.

We have published a book, “A New Look at the Annexation of Korea”, which is filled
with previously neglected historical facts, photos and figures. You can read the
summary and full text by clicking on the links below.

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