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SDHF Newsletter No.390 Japan Awakened Asia Part 9, Chapter 8 : Special Discussion between Dr. Pema Gyalpo and Mr. Sarker

Japan Awakened Asia―A Miracle of the 20th Century
The Road to the Independence of India
―A Story to Be Passed Down to the Next Generation
Probir Bikash Sarker
Part 9, Chapter 8: Special Discussion between Dr. Pema Gyalpo and Mr. Sarker

Dr. Pema Gylpo, Honorary Director for Tibet Culture Research Institute, was greatly interested in the Bangladesh independence movement when he was a Asian University student. Because many Tibetan troops participated in the independence movement. Mr. Sarker came to Japan as invited to study in 1984 and knew Dr. Pema Gyarlpo.
The discussion between Dr. Pema Gyalpo and Mr. Sarker covered wide area of issue including Bangladesh independence, Japan-India exchange history, significance of exchange between Okakura Tenshin and Tagore, Behari Bose, Toyama Mitsuru, Chandra Bose, Sun Wen, Gandhi, Nehru, etc.
It is generally thought that Gandhi and Chandra Bose were quite different and rather hostile in their political thought. However, Dr. Pema Gyalpo indicates that that Gandhi was in a way nationalist. Gandhi said “A true nationalist must be a true internationalist. And a true internationalist must be a true nationalist.”
After the War, achievement of Chandra Bose, Behari Bose and Pan^Asianist Japanese who supported Behari Bose like Toyama Mitsuru were hardly known in India. However, regarding Chandra Bose, though, many bronze statues of him were built in India, probably second to those of Gandhi in number.
The Battle of Imphal is often refered to as the greatest blunder having incurred so many victims of deaths from starvation. Mr. Sarker, however, asserts; “I declare that without the Battle of Imphal, the Indian independence would have never been realized. Even if it had, that would have happened much, much later.”
Many interesting views are covered in the discussion. Please read through the original pages.