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SDHF Newsletter No.306 Reflecting on the new wave of racist Anti-Asian violence in America

Reflecting on the new wave of racist Anti-Asian violence in America
David Lee

The English language version of the Mainichi Shimbun, April 2, 2021, sneered that Americans throughout their history have always hated Asians and laid the blame for the current “wave” of American anti-Asian violence at the feet of former President Donald Trump. The Mainichi Shimbun dutifully reminds readers that Japanese in America were rounded up and sent to “internment camps” during World War II. However, it fails to point out that it was President Franklin Roosevelt, the New Deal Democrat god worshipped by Western liberals, who ordered the Japanese into “internment camps”.
The Mainichi Shimbun and other mainstream media reported the nonsense that the massage parlor killings in Atlanta in March were entirely due to white racism. They ignore the fact that two victims were white Americans and 4 victims were Korean, who were actually prostitutes. At the core of this incident is the widespread presence of Korean prostitution in American rather than racism.
The squawking emanating from the Western media recently, that America is engulfed in a “wave” of Trump-inspired anti-Asian violence, is grossly disingenuous. Today’s media in the West, as well as in Japan, overlook the fact that black Americans were behind previous “waves” and are behind the current “wave” of anti-Asian violence. Asians in San Francisco have long known that Blacks seek out Asians to rob or assault. Carol Mo, a community organizer, stated as such in the May 2, 2010 edition of the San Francisco Chronicle. She called the city’s black-on-Asian violence “San Francisco’s dirty little secret”. The article stated that Asian residents “are being targeted for robberies, burglaries and intimidation by young black men.” Mo further stated that “in 85 percent of the physical assault crimes, the victims were Asia and the perpetrators were African American.”
Mr. David Lee warns that the prevailing hypocrisy in the mainstream media will lead to people focusing on distractions rather than the core which will lead to wrong-headed thinking and solutions.


MOTEKI Hiromichi, Acting Chairman
for KASE Hideaki, Chairman
Society for the Dissemination of Historical Fact