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SDHF Newsletter No. 293 Open letter of Mr. Kim, Kim, Korean History Textbook Research Institute

Our standpoint on the statue erected in Mitte Borough, Berlin
Korean History Textbook Research Institute

November 4, 2020

Mr. Byeong Heon Kim, Representative for the Korean History Textbook Research Institute, sent an open letter to Mr. Stephan von Dassel, mayor of Mitte Borough, Berlin, asking him to remove the so-called “Statue of Peace”, because the “Statue of Peace” is a symbol of gross distortion, a result of a combination of distorted facts and fabricated stories of the comfort women on the part of the Korean Council for Justice and Remembrance.
He explains the group’s reasoning in an open letter:
1. The Japanese army did not forcibly transport Korean women,
2. Comfort women are not sex slaves of the Japanese army, and
3. Comfort women are not victims of a war committed by the Japanese army.
Open Letter:
I would ask Mr. Stephen von Dassel to carefully read Mr. Kim’s open letter and make a sound judgement on the so-called “Statue of Peace”. This is not the matter of being either pro-Korea or Pro-Japan, but purely a matter of the “Truth” of the comfort women issue.

MOTEKI Hiromichi, Acting Chairman
for KASE Hideaki, Chairman
Society for the Dissemination of Historical Fact