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SDHF Newsletter No.290 Why Taiwan now

Why Taiwan now—the situation of Taiwan today and global expectations toward Taiwan
By Sugihara Seishiro
Former professor, Josai University

October 23, 2020

This year, on July 23, United States Secretary of State Michael Pompeo made a historical speech regarding U.S.-China policy. He demanded China completely abandon its policy of hegemony.
Given the circumstances, the world is greatly expect Taiwan to rise. In the midst of the novel coronavirus pandemic, when the virus first struck Wuhan, China, without being deceived by the Chinese Government, Taiwan took prompt measures and prevented the spread of the virus. This shows that Taiwan’s democratic system is not only superior to Communist China’s regime but also ahead of the rest of the world.
On this premise, Prof. Sugihara made six suggestions to the people of Taiwan:
1) In order to consolidate national security of Taiwan, Taiwan should conclude a security pact with the US;
2) Taiwan should ask countries of the world to recognize Taiwan as a “quasi-state” and that, as such, Taiwan possess the same sovereignty as independent nations;
3) We want the people of Taiwan to be the initiator of Pompeo’s idea of a new group of like-minded nations, a new democratic alliance;
4) Until China changes from an authoritarian state to a democracy, we want Taiwan to persist in demanding the rest of the world to cut its ties with China, have nothing to do with China, politically, economically and culturally–as if China disappeared from the face of the earth;
5) At a new, reformed United Nations, as a symbol of human progress and as nations of the 21st century, it should be resolved that hostile propaganda against specific nations be prohibited;
6) Former Taiwanese President Lee Teng-hui, who just recently passed away on July 30, reportedly stated, in official capacity, that the Senkaku Islands are Japanese territory. We want the Government of Taiwan to back Japan’s assertion that the Senkaku Islands belong to Japan.


MOTEKI Hiromichi, Acting Chairman
for KASE Hideaki, Chairman
Society for the Dissemination of Historical Fact