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SDHF Newsletter No.286 KIM Byung-heon talks on truth of comfort women issue No.2

KIM Byung-heon talks about the truth about the Comfort Women Issue
Series No.2: Press Conference in front of the Comfort Girl Statue in Seoul

September 3, 2020

In No. 1 of this series, I introduced Mr. KIM Byung-heon as he held a press conference in front of the Comfort Girl Statue in Seoul on May 15. This time, I am presenting his lecture of June 23, 2020, titled “Reveal the Biggest Lie!”(UN Coomaraswamy Report).
At the onset, he states:
The Coomaraswamy Report was the nuclear blast that propelled the current comfort women issue in the Republic of Korea. Really!
The [Coomaraswamy Report] provided the basis for the ROK to distort the comfort women issue and utilize the comfort women issue as a political weapon.
It provided the grounds for subsequent problems:
All problems are attributed to this [report], the UN sanctioned this [report] and this solves everything. (Nothing more needs to be said.)
However, this is entirely false! The UN Human Rights Report by Coomaraswamy
and the McDougall Report:
They are all lies!!
He concludes:
This person Coomaraswamy is a really bad person!
Those who supplied their stories,
YOON Jeong-ok, SHIN Hei-soo and LEE Hyo-jae of the Korean Council
for the Women Drafted for Military Sexual Slavery by Japan,
must be punished by Heaven.
His lecture on YouTube:
English translation of his lecture:

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