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SDHF Newsletter No.260 Book Review Race difference in ethnocentricism

Race Differences in Ethnocentrism
Edward Dutton
Arktos, 2019
Reviewed by Aldric Hama
January 14, 2020

In the land-of-make-believe inhabited by Western intellectuals, ethnocentrism is a taboo to be denounced. Following this line of thinking, “America First” President Donald Trump is the object of hate by most of the mass media and the majority of the intellectual elite.
According to Dr. Edward Dutton’s book, the thinking of the intellectual elite has progressed well beyond rational. The ills that currently plague Western democracies, according to intellectuals, such as support for limited immigration, are the result of “white European racism”. Consequently, they support mass immigration of non-Europeans, who, the elite assume, are entirely incapable of racism.
The thinking of Western intellectuals is quite similar to that of Japanese “anti-Japan” leftists. They bemoaned Japanese racism against Koreans and pushed for laws prohibiting “hate speech”, which in fact punish Japanese for “hateful expressions” to Korean but do not at all punish Koreans for doing the same thing to Japanese people. This “law” was enacted on June 3, 2016.
The current reviewer says that Dr. Dutton is one of the few who have boldly ventured into a part of the biological sciences that has turned into a “political” minefield.


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