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SDHF Newsletter No.241 Book review Coming Japanese Nightmare

An American Speaks on Japanese History:
The Coming Japanese Nightmare, A Unified Korea
Max von Schuler
Heart Publishers, Tokyo, 2017
Reviewed by Tadashi Hama

May 30, 2019

German-American Max von Schuler arrived in Japan as a US Marine and ended up staying for over forty years. This is his third book, published by Heart Publishers, in bilingual form, following “An American Speaks: The Japanese History That Some Want Hidden,” and “2nd Civil War: Battle for America”, reviews of which were announced in Newsletter No. 192 and 202.
Three different points underlie his view of the emergence and outcome of a potential nightmare, a unified Korea.
South Korean President Jae-in Moon is trying to pave the way for imminent Korean unification, which many people expect to bring about “economic bonanza” to East Asia. However, the author predicts a unification leadership headed by Kim Jong-un and elements sympathetic to him and of inevitable emerge of intense resentment on both sides. The left-led unified government is very likely to utilize Japan as scapegoats in order to protect itself.
Japanese leftists will “dutifully” amplify Korean anti-Japanese propaganda, which will, in turn, lead to violent clashes between Japanese and Korean residents in Japan. At the same time, turmoil in Korea will lead to waves of Koreans escaping from Korea. Under this circumstance, the Korean leadership will launch an invasion of Kyushu, in the name of “protecting resident Koreans” in Japan.
Max von Schuler writes a scenario on how this invasion will progress and end up.
In this scenario three important elements are used. The first element is, perhaps surprising to readers, the extent to which the American military in Japan resists political correctness. Up till now its military effectiveness is greatly diminished due to the demand by military leaders of “equal outcomes”. He predicts that the US military in Japan will support Japan and resist instruction from Washington, DC. The second element is the effectiveness of the Japanese Self Defense Force and the third element is the action of Koreans refugees arriving in Japan.
His scenario may be criticized as being too optimistic but very interesting to read nonetheless.

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