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Tanaka Masaaki

Author: Tanaka Masaaki
Tanaka Masaaki was born in 1911 in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. In 1933, after graduatin
from the Academy of Asian Stusies, he was hired by the Dai Ajia Kyokai (Pan Asian
Association).127 Mr. Tanaka organized the seinen Ajia Domei (Youth alliance for Asia),
an organization whose membership included Indonesians and Indians as well as
Japanese, in 1934, and took part in its campaign to win independence for the nations of
Asia. In 1936, he accompanied Army General Matsui Iwane, the Association’s chairman,
on an inspection tour of China, and met with Chiang Kai-shek and other eminent
Chinese. When the Association was absorbed into Dai Nippon Koa Domei (Japan
Pan-Asian Alliance) in 1941, he remained on its staff.
Mr. Tanaka was drafted into the Army in December 1942, and assigned to the
Central China Field Ordinance Depot in Shanghai as a cryptographer.
He returned to Japan in 1946, and accepted a position as editor-in-chief of the
Nanshin Jiji Shinbun. Forced to resign from the newspaper during one of the purges
launched by Occupation authorities, he moved to Tokyo and went to work for Nippon
Seisan Kyoiku Kyokai (Association for Increased Productivity Through Education). In
1952, Mr. Tanaka published Justice Radhabinod Pal Absolves Japan. In 1958, he joined
the United World Federalist of Japan as secretary general, a position he held for 15
Since then, he has served as managing director of International Piece Association,
and as a lecturer at Takushoku University. Through his work as a critic, he has
endeavored to disseminate Dr. Pal’s judgement in Japan’s favor, publicize the truth
about the conflict in and subsequent occupation of Nanking, to achieve independence
for the nations of Asia, and to dispel the masochistic perception of history now
prevalent in Japan. Among his many writings are Justice Radhabinod Pal Absolves
Japan, The Truth About the Tokyo Trials, The Fabrication of Nanking Massacre, The
war Journal of General Matsui Iwane, A 20-Year History of the United World Federalist
Movement, The United world federalist Movement in Thought in Action, Sun Yatsen’s
Quest for Sino-Japanese Harmony and Wang Jinwei, and The Road to Independence of
Asian Nations. .