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Sonfa Oh

Sonfa Oh was born in Jeju Island, South Korea, in !956 and is a critic in many fields such as current issues, history, and culture, particularly in East Asian Countries. She is also a Professor in the School of International Relations at Takushoku University in Tokyo. In 1983, she came to Japan and obtained a BA degree from University of Daito Cultural University and a MA degree from the Graduate School of North American Studies at Tokyo Foreign Language University. While studying there, she began writing Sukato no kze [Fluttering Skirts in Breeze, (Sankou Sha)], in which she compared Japanese and Korean culture, taking into account her own life experiences in two countries. In 1990 this book became a best-seller in Japan. Since then, she has been a prolific writer and as an opinion leader published more than 50 books, critically evaluating historical and cultural aspects of Japan and the Korean Peninsula, including, Naze hannichi Kankokuni mirai wa nai no ka [Why the Anti-Japan Korea Has no Future] (Shogakukan). ‘Hannichi Shinpoku’ Kankoku no boso [ Reckless South Korea: Anti-Japan and Pro-North](Shogakukan) , ‘Joi no Kankoku kaikok no Nihon’ [Anti-Foreign Korea and Pro-Foreign Japan](Bungeishunju). Her books have greatly contributed to mutual understanding between the two region.