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Probir Bikash Sarker

Profile: Probir Bikash Sarker
Mr. Probir Bikash Sarker was born in 1959 in the Comilla District of Bangladesh and graduated from the History Department of the University of Chittagong.
While studying at the university, Mr. Sarker was interested in the history of Japan, which led Asian countries to become independent through the Pacific War. He came to Japan in 1984 through “the program to invite 100,000 foreign students to study in Japan” during Prime Minister Nakasone’s administration. While studying at a Japanese language school, he married a Japanese woman and has lived in Japan since then.
Mr. Sarker has studied Japanese printing technology and publishing business. He published for the first time in Japan a Bengali information magazine “Monthly Machitro” (1991-2002) and was an editor-in-chief of a Bengali children’s newspaper “Monthly Kishorchitro” (2007-2014).
Through his life in Japan for over 35 years, he wrote a trilogy titled Jana Ojana Japan, introducing Japanese culture, customs and history to Bangladesh and West Bengal, India, as well as many other books. He is a scholar on Tagore, publisher, editor, writer and court interpreter in Japanese.
At present, he is a director at the Asian Solidarity Council for Freedom and Democracy and a research fellow at the South Asia Study Center of Gifu Women’s College.