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Nishioka Tsutomu was born in 1956 in Tokyo. He earned his undergraduate degree at ICU
(International Christian University), and a master’s degree in international studies at Tsukuba
University’s Department of Regional Studies. Mr. Nishioka continued his studies at Yonsei
University in Seoul, South Korea. Between 1982 and 1984, he served the Foreign Ministry as
research specialist at the Japanese Embassy in Seoul. He was editor-in-chief of the monthly
Gendai Koria (Modern Korea) from 1990 to 2002. Mr. Nishioka is currently a professor at
Tokyo Christian University. He is deputy chairman of the National Council for the Rescue of
Japanese Abducted by North Korea. Among his many publications are The Mountain of
Misconceptions Separating Japan and Korea (issued by Aki Shobo), Penetrating the Darkness:
Understanding North Korean Abductions, Starvation, Comfort Women and Anti-Japanese
Movements (Tokuma Bunko), Starvation and Missiles: North Korea’s Future (Soshisha), The
Truth about History-related Disputes between Japan and South Korea: Who Manufactured
Abductions of Koreans and the Comfort Women Issue? (PHP Institute), The South Korean
Schism: North Korea Sympathizers vs. Supporters of the South Korea-U.S.-Japan Alliance
(Fusosha) and North Korean Problems (Nuclear Weapons, Abductions) Can Be Resolved (PHP