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Nagae Tarô

Born on Jan. 13, 1937, in Kagoshima. He graduated from Chûô University with a degree in economics and then joined the Ground Self Defense Force.
After serving, from 1970 he held posts at the Cadet School and Fuji School (one of Japan’s military academies) where he taught military history.
From 1983, he was a professor of military history at the Department of Military History at The National Institute for Defense Studies and later became a senior professor. His principal research is on overall general operations during the Greater East Asia War.
In the world of military history, he is a permanent director of the Military History Society of Japan and other groups.
His works include Miyazaki Shuichi Chûjô no Nikki (The Diary of Lt. Genera l Miyazaki Shuichi), a collaborative editorial project published by Kinsei Co. in Tokyo in 2003; Nichibei Kaisen no Jijitsu (The Truth of the Outbreak of War Between Japan and the US), published by Zenkoku Gokoku Jinja Library in Tokyo in2001; and contributions to Taikoku Roshia ni Naze Katta no ka: Nichiro Sensô no Jijitsu (Why Did We Defeat the Great Country of Russia? —The Truth of the Russo – Japanese War), published by Fuyu Shobo Co. in Tokyo in 2006.