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Lin Kenryo


Lin Kenryo

Dr. Lin Kenryo was born in Taipei, Taiwan on September 7, 1958. In 1987 the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association awarded him a scholarship, and he began his studies at the University of Tokyo, ultimately earning a doctorate in medicine from that institution’s Graduate School of Medicine.

Currently Dr. Lin resides in Tochigi Prefecture, where he practices medicine. He is also a prime mover in the WUFI (World United Formosans for Independence).

He is the former chairman of the Taiwanese Association in Japan (1999-2003). In 2001 Dr. Lin was instrumental in launching the Taiwan Name Rectification Campaign, one of whose goals was to persuade the Japanese government to change the citizenship designation for Taiwanese residents of Japan from “Chinese” to “Taiwanese” (this campaign has become the main focus of the Taiwan independence movement. He has also been deputy chairman of the WUFI (2003-2007).

Dr. Lin is advisor to the Taiwanese Association in Japan, editor in chief of the Voice of Taiwan, an online magazine; a member of the WUFI’s Central Executive Committee in Japan; and managing director of the Friends of Lee Teng Hui Association in Japan.

Among his many publications are My Mother’s Name Is Taiwan: The Story Behind the Taiwan Name Rectification Campaign (Yiqiao Publishing Co., September 2003), Why Would Japan Want To Associate with China?: A Taiwanese Physician Speaks Out (Namiki Shobo, July 2006), China’s Goal Is Ethnic Cleansing: The Tibetan, Uighur, Mongolian, and Taiwanese Struggle for Freedom (Madoka Shuppan, March 2009) (with Ilham Mahmut), and The Cancer That Is China: A Taiwanese Physician’s Remedy (Japanese edition) (Namiki Shobo, December 2012).

• 林建良(1958年9月7日-)
• 現任在日台灣同鄉會顧問、電子報《台灣之聲》(台湾の声)總編輯、電子報《日本之聲》(日本の声)總編輯、台灣獨立建國聯盟日本本部國際部長及日本李登輝之友會常務理事。現居住日本栃木縣,從事醫生工作並熱心於台灣獨立運動。
• 元在日台湾同郷会会長(1999年~2003年)、元世界台湾同郷会副会長(2003年~2007年)
• 著作
• 《母親ê名叫台灣:「正名運動」緣由》(一橋出版社2003年9月17日初版)
• 《日本啊,這是你所了解的中國嗎?―台灣人醫師的直言》(並木書房2006年7月初版)
• 《中國的目標是民族滅絕:西藏、維吾爾、蒙古、台灣,爭自由之戰》((與Tenzing、Ilham Mahmut、Dash Donorob合著,まどか出版2009年3月初版)
• 《中國癌:台灣人醫師的處方箋》(並木書房2012年12月初版)