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Kobori Keiichiro

Kobori Keiichiro was born in Tokyo in 1933. After earning an undergraduate degree in literature from the University of Tokyo, he studied at the University of Frankfurt in former West Germany. He received his doctoral degree from the University of Tokyo, on whose faculty he served until 1995. Dr. Kobori then taught at Meisei University, retiring in 2005. Both institutions awarded him professor emeritus status. Currently, he is deputy chairman of the Japan Conference.
Among his many publications are Prime Minister Suzuki Kantaro (Bungei Shunju), Commentary and Research on Mori Ogai (Iwanami Shoten), Yasukuni Shrine and the Japanese, Emperor Showa, A Reexamination of the Tokyo Trials (PHP Kenkyujo), The Japanese Spirit in Classical Poetry and On the Legitimacy of the Emperor System (Meiseisha).