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Kase Hideaki

Mr. Kase is one of the prominent and distinguished writers and commentators active today on political, military and international affairs. He has hosted a number of TV and radio talk shows and is a frequent participant on such shows. He is ranked as one of the most popular lecturers in Japan. He has served as an adviser to several Prime Ministers and various cabinet members.
He began his professional career as a journalist. He was a staff correspondent for United Press International (UPI) between 1959 and 1961. Over the years he gradually established himself as a writer and commentator. From 1968 to 1970, he served as the first Editor-in-Chief of the Japanese-language version of the Encyclopedia Britannica. His writings and thoughts have been widely published in articles in most of Japan’s major journals and regularly featured in columns for leading magazines and daily newspapers in Japan and in the United States.
He has published 89 books, of which 55 books were co-authored or anthologies including English-language books. “Kamikaze: Japan’s Suicide Gods” was co-authored with Albert Axell and published by Longman (the Pearson Education Ltd).