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1938 Born in Gangshan, Taiwan.
1964 Arrives in Japan
1969 Graduates from Department of Commerce, Waseda University.
1971 Receives Master’s Degree in Economics from Department of Political
Economics, Research Division, European Economics History Program, of
Meiji University Graduate School
As a philosopher in Taiwan, I began developing the study of “culture-ism” in
Japan in 1964. My published writings, with their rapier-like acuity and dynamic sense
of historical perspective, have flourished in both Japan and Taiwan. I have also
conducted a number of lecture tours in the United States of America and Europe.
My writing first gained acclaim through a series of articles directed towards
Chinese residents of America, which appeared in the Chinese-language newspaper.
Taiwan Journal of Public Opinion, published in the U.S., over two years. The articles
were later published underground in Taiwan under the title The Fall of China.
Because the right of free speech was then restricted heavily by the authorities in
Taiwan, this work acquired “must-read” status among anti-establishment groups in
Taiwan. It was also widely read by ordinary citizens, who gained much courage from
its words.
In 1989, martial law was lifted, and the first election for a unicameral legislature
was held. Two years later, another of my writings, Taiwan: The Necessary Conditions
For a Nation, was published by the Zen-Ei Press. A tremendous furor arose when the
head of the opposition Democratic Progressive Party dared to question the prime
minister about questions raised in that work. The after-effects were felt even in
Beijing, where Chinese authorities referred to this as “criticism of Huang Wenxiong’s
small nation ideal.” My works have had widespread influence throughout East Asia;
every new publication is eagerly anticipated by the people of Taiwan, Hong Kong and
China, so much so that unauthorized copies abound.
In 1993, I received both the Wu Yung Fu Award for Literary Criticism and the
Taiwan Pen Club Prize for A Perspective on Taiwanese Values, published by Zen-Ei
My first publication in Japan and one of my best-selling books (70,000 copies sold)
was Introduction to Conspiracy-ism, issued in 1975 by Diamond Press. In 1989,
Never Again Will Flowers Bloom In China appeared (Hamano Publishing), and sold
over 80,000 copies. Seven more of my books followed them onto the weekly
best-selling charts.
I believe my works have changed the way in which the Japanese view China. Later
works (all published by Kobunsha) include And Only Japan Will Prosper, The
Disgraceful Chinese (1994), Menacing China, Duped Japan (1995), The Distorted
Japanese General Government of Korea (1998), and The Korean Anti-Japanese
Stance and the Taiwanese Pro-Japanese Stance (1999). All of them are critical of the
policy of domination pursued to this day by China, and describe Taiwan’s
appreciation to the Japanese for helping Taiwan to modernize. I will continue giving
lectures on Japanese culture and civilization, which I hope will erase the masochistic
perception of history that has plagued post-World War II Japan.