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Hosoya Kiyoshi

Hosoya Kiyoshi

Hosoya Kiyoshi is a modern historian and a lecturer on international business. He was born in Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture, in 1949. He graduated from Waseda University’s School of Commerce, and also earned a master’s degree from the Open University of Japan.

Mr. Hosoya has been involved with international business at a plant construction company, and boasts considerable experience in sales, business development, and management both in Japan and abroad.

For the past 20 years he has been teaching international business, mainly at vocational colleges.

Mr. Hosoya is the author of many books and research papers. Among them are “UN Recommendations Are Harmful: A Witness to the Review of the 3rd Report from the Japanese Government Concerning the Convention on the Rights of the Child” in Spirit of Japan (December 2010); “UN Report on Comfort Women Puts Japan in Crisis Mode” in Seiron (July 2014); “International Organization Ignores Japanese Remonstrations: UN’s Specious Sex-Slave Allegations” in Seiron (October 2014); “Caution: UN Casts Doubt on Sex-Slave Allegations” in Seiron (November 2014); Discussion of and Commentary on the Comfort-Women Controversy at the Dialogue on the 6th Japanese Government Report at the 111th Session of the United Nations Human Rights Committee, with Yamamoto Yumiko (January 2015); and Comfort Women Issue: From Misunderstandings to Solution, with Yamamoto Yumiko (bilingual edition: Japanese and English (February 2016).