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Born in Kagoshima in 1947, Dr. HIGASHINAKANO Shudo is professor of
history of political thought and Japanese intellectual history at Asia University
in Tokyo. He majored in the history of German political thought and socialism
at Kagoshima University and Osaka University. Prior to his appointment as
professor at Asia University in 1995, he served as visiting professor of
Japanese intellectual history at Western Washington University (1985-86), and
visiting scholar at the University of Hamburg (1988-89).
In 1990, a year after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Dr. Higashinakano started to
research the situation in Nanking in 1937. And since 1995, the main focus of
his research interest has been this subject. He has been president of Japan
Nanking Society since 2000. The original title of this translated work is
“Nankin gyakusatsu” no tettei kensho [An exhaustive study of the “Nanking
Massacre”] (Tokyo: Tendensha, 1998).
He has published many books, among them Nankin jiken “shoko shashin” wo
kensho suru [Analyzing the “photographic evidence” of the Nanking Massacre]
(co-authored with Kobayashi Susumu and Fukunaga Shinjiro, Tokyo: Soshisha,
2005), Nankin gyakusatsu kenkyu no saizensen, vols.1-4 [The front line of research
on the Nanking Massacre, vols. 1-4] (Tokyo: Tendensha, 2002-2005), 1937
Nankin koryaku sen no shinjitsu [ The truth about the capture of Nanking in
1937] (Tokyo: Shogakukan Bunko, 2003), An Overview of the Nanking Massacre
(Osaka: Kokumin Kaikan, 1999), Za reipu obu Nankin no kenkyu [A Study of the
Rape of Nanking] (coauthored with Fujioka Nobukatsu, Tokyo: Tendensha,
1999), Higashi Doitsu shakaishugi taisei no kenkyu [A study of the socialistic
System in East Germany] (Tokyo: Nansosha, 1996), and Kokka hasan: Higashi
Doitsu shakaishugi no 45 nen [Bankruptcy of a state: 45 Years of Socialism in
East Germany] (Tokyo: Tendensha, 1992). One of his research papers, titled
“The Overall Picture of the Nanking Massacre,” is included in Nanking 1937:
Memory and Healing (New York: M. E. Sharpe, 2002).