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Fujioka Nobukatsu

Author profile: Fujioka Nobukatsu
Visiting Professor, Takushoku University

Fujioka Nobukatsu was born in Hokkaido, Japan in 1943. He graduated from Hokkaido University, and obtained a master’s degree in Education. In 1991, he was posted at Tokyo University as Professor of Education. He is well-known as an advocate for remaking the post-war Japanese paradigm of history education, being one of founders of the Japan Society for History Textbook Reform. He has worked to overcome the “masochistic” view of history and the writing of new history textbooks.
Among his numerous publications are History Not Taught in Schools (Tokyo, Sankei Publishing, 1996-7), An Analysis of Masochistic Historical Views in Japan (Tokyo, Bungeishunju, 1997), Unveiling Reality of Textbook Adoption (Tokyo, PHP Institute, 2005), History of a Nation at Crisis (Tokyo, Business-sha, 2015)