Society for the Dissemination of Historical Fact

Auther Profile

Emi Kawaguchi-Mahn


• Graduate of Nihon University (Department of Music, College of Art)
• Resident of Stuttgart since 1982
• Completed master class in piano at the State University of Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart in 1985
• Made her publishing debut with Life in Iraq Under Hussein’s Dictatorship (Soshisha) in 1990
• Visiting professor at Institute of Japanese Identity, Takushoku University, in 2011-12
• Published Germany’s Nuclear Power Phase-Out: An Example Japan Should Not Follow (Soshisha), which describes the consequences of Germany’s decision to close down its nuclear power plants, and was the recipient of the Energy Forum Prize in 2016
• Which Is the Better Place To Live, Japan or Germany? Japan Wins by a Huge Margin (Kodansha +a Shinsho) became a bestseller in 2013

Other Publications

A Stroll Through Dresden: The Destruction of a Cultural Center and Its Rebirth (Soshisha), 2005
Childrearing Tips from an Unlikely Mother (Bunshun Shinsho), 2007
Fùrtwangler vs. Karajan: Weigh the Evidence (Shincho Sensho), 2008
Has Japan Nothing More To Learn from Germany? Rising Above the Wars of the 20th Century (Tokuma Shoten), 2009
In Praise of German Cuisine (Heibon Shinsho), 2009
Tales of Berlin: Retracing a City’s Memories (Heibonsha Shinsho), 2010
Germans Don’t Give Good Service, Japanese Don’t Speak Their Minds (Soshisha), 2011
How Japan and East Asia Are Represented in the German Media (Shodensha), 2013
Japan and Germany: Different Styles (Soshisha), 2014
Which Is the Better Place To Live, Japan or Europe? Japan Wins by a Huge Margin (Kodansha +a Shinsho), 2014
Why Japanese Can’t Make Change Instantly (PHP Kenkyujo), 2015
Japan and Germany: War Crime and Punishment: Rising Above the Wars of the 20th Century (Tokuma Shoten, 2015)
Shockwaves from Germany Grow in Intensity (Business-sha), 2015
Democracy Will Disappear from Europe: Refugees, Terrorism, Reestablishment of National Borders (PHP Shinsho), 2015