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Aso Tetsuo

(1/7/1910 – 7/11/1989)
March 1935 Graduated from Kyushu Imperial University’s Faculty of Medicine (specialty: obstetrics and gynecology)
November 1937 Drafted into Japanese Army; served at the 14th Field Hospital as a medical corpsman-in-training; served in mobile medical unit in China (Shanghai  Nanjing  Jiujiang  Hankou  Wuchang  Shanghai)
April 1941 Discharged from military service
January 1942 Joined 34th Independent Anti-Aircraft Field Artillery Company; landed at Rabaul in December
1943 Awarded M.D. degree
April 1946 Discharged from military service; reopened Aso Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic in June
March 1947 Headmaster of Fukuoka Midwifery School (closed in March 1952); acting secretary of Fukuoka YMCA; trustee, Fukuoka Jo Gakuin; president, Sunday School, Fukuoka Chubu Church
Publications: Rabaul Journal (Sekifusha, 5th printing), 1999; The Aso, Mori and Matsuda Family Histories (self-published), 1980; Thoughts on Women in War Zones (self-published), 1986; Fukuoka Midwifery School (Sekifusha), 1987; The Healing Path: The Work of Aso Tetsuo (Sekifusha), 1987; Shanghai: Beginning and Ending (Sekifusha), 1993; Aso Tetsuo: ?? Collected Poems (Sekifusha), 1997