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SDHF Newsletter No.331 “Comfort Women” All Signed a Contract of Agreement

“Comfort Women” All Signed a Contract of Agreement
—Impact of the Ramseyer Article

Arima Tetsuo, Professor, Waseda University
(English Translation: Society for the Dissemination of Historical Facts)
Series No. 2: Prologue: How to Kill Democracy

A certain political faction, especially communist faction often conducts assault to a person criticizing with slanderous words, personal attacking rather than theoretical one mobilizing various media including SNS.
It’ really surprising that similar accusing campaign is happening in the field of academic sphere with as many as 3665 scholars world wide joining with signature. Even Prof. Ramseyer’s fellow members at Harvard Law School joined this political nature campaign.
From when those academic people have become a political clique rather than school? They have become a witch hunter group. This is literally a self-killing of democracy. It is a typical communist, totalitarian thought that if one’s own thought is right, anything is permitted. Those scholars are trapped by such totalitarian thought.
The only person to defended Professor Ramseyer during this time was, amazingly, Korean scholar Lee Woo-yeon, who wrote, “Korea silenced by a U.S. study paper denying the sex slave theory.” Professor Lee co-authored Anti-Japan Tribalism. Prof. Following him Prof. Arima joined the war defending Ramseyer.
What was the political goal of this Korean psychological chicanery? It was to avoid the collapse of the official and obscene narrative that the “comfort women were abducted” and that they were “sex slaves”. It was pure propaganda lacking in data from the beginning and Ramseyer’s article hit at a crucial juncture. That is, Korean women became comfort women by contract and not because of coercion or a gun pointed to their heads.
That is why so many Korean and Western scholars joined in the fanatic anti-Ramseyer campaign. This book completely destroy false thought on the comfort women.


MOTEKI Hiromichi, Acting Chairman
for KASE Hideaki, Chairman
Society for the Dissemination of Historical Fact