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SDHF Newsletter No.316 America diagnoses Japan as diseased

America diagnoses Japan as diseased
By David LEE

On May 24, 2021, the United States State Department imposed a “Level 4: Do not travel” advisory on Japan, the highest level used to advise US travelers against traveling—in effect, a quarantine. One is reminded of Franklin Roosevelt’s “Quarantine Speech” delivered before the outbreak of World War II.
A “Level 4” advisory, according to the State Department, means a “greater likelihood of life-threatening risks”. One country currently at “Level 4” is Haiti: it is at “Level 4” because of “civil unrest,” “kidnapping or hostage taking,” and widespread violent or organized crime.”
The ostensible reason for Japan’s “Level 4” designation is that its number of COVID-19 cases is “very high,” according to the US Center for Disease Control (CDC). Very High? What about the US itself? On May 25, Japan had about half as many COVID-19 cases per capita as the US. Isn’t it bizarre that a government can designate a country with half as many cases as it has as “Level 4” (very high) and advise its own citizens to avoid traveling?
More bizarre is that the Japanese government neither protests nor demands a reason for the US action. Another strange thing is that no Japanese media raised questions or protested the US government’s arbitrary declaration. The Japanese media usually berates the government, but in this case, they actually followed the government’s cowardly stance.


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