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SDHF Newsletter No.252 The Cancer That is China, Complete edition

A Taiwanese Physician’s Prescription
(Namiki Shobo)
Lin Kenryo
Complete Version

September 19, 2019

The author poses an interesting question to readers: “Is China the land of opportunities for the world? Or is China a world threat?”
His answer: “In fact, these questions are tantamount to asking whether cancer is beneficial or harmful.”
He asserts that if we adopt a biological view, it is obvious that China is a cancer. The basis for this observation is the cellular process called “apoptosis”. Normal cells maintain the body’s equilibrium through a natural cellular process of apoptosis–programmed or inevitable cell death. An old cell dies to make way for new cells. However, cancer cells are not endowed with such a “spirit” of self-sacrifice. Their mission is to live and spread forever, without limit.
China’s behavior is self-centered and China proliferates without limitation, like that of a cancer, because of the lack of apoptosis, a spirit of self-sacrifice. This can be seen in a well-known phrase: “Trade children so as to eat them” when faced with famine. Parents will not sacrifice themselves, but in order to survive, eat their own children.
The book goes deep into the true nature of the Chinese and China and presents prescriptions to cure the China cancer.
In previous Newsletters, we presented an English language translation of this book in six parts.
The entire book is presented here.
If anyone is interested in publishing this book, please contact us. We will be more than happy to give publication permission.
However, if none is forthcoming, we will likely publishing the book through Amazon publishing-on-demand.


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