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SDHF Newsletter No.249 Book review Comfort Women and Sex in the Battale Zone

Inconvenient and Uncomfortable:
Transcending Japan’s Comfort Women Paradigm
Marshal Wordsworth
CreateSpace Independent Publishing, 2018
Reviewed by Tadashi Hama
August 23, 2019

We are pleased that a straight-to-the-point book on the Comfort Women has been written by an American and published in the US, even though it is through Amazon’s on-demand publishing. We would like to think that our previous efforts in disseminating books and articles on this subject through our website and by other means have contributed to the emergence of books like this, and this one in particular.
Here is Mr. Tadashi Hama’s overview of the book:

The Korean nationalists, human rights activists and the mass media characterize Japan’s war-time brothel system as a “state-sponsored sexual slavery system involving a systematically organized illegal and immoral military operation.” Much of the details of the Japanese military brothel system, documented by the US military in war-time and post-war prisoner interrogations and captured Japanese documents that showed that these accusations were false, have been in the public realm for some time, yet they have been either downplayed or studiously ignored by Korean nationalists and their allies. Writer Marshall Wordsworth collects the facts and offers his reflection on the World War II Japanese military brothel system. In fact, the current book offers much for reflection, not only on the true nature of the Japanese military brothel system but also on the comfort women’s role during the war.

Korean nationalists, western media, intellectuals and human rights groups, with blind obedience, continue to support the Comfort Women story and espouse “justice” (revenge?) in terms of “violations of human rights” and “criminal” behavior. Readers of this book will immediately see how stupid and how unscrupulous they are.


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