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SDHF Newsletter No.229 Korean Mysticism and anti-Japanese 2

Korean Mysticism and Anti-Japanese (Seirindo Co. Ltd.)
By Tajima Osamu
Series No.2: Chapter 1 Anti-Japanese Eros

October 23, 2018

Japan has sounded out Korea concerning consultation with the International Court of Justice in The Hague, The Netherlands, on rendering a judgment on the ownership of Takeshima Island. Korea has continued to reject any consultation with the Hague to this day. During a press conference held in January 2004, then President Roh Moo-hyun commented, “You’re telling me to prove that Dokdo is Korean territory? Why do I have to prove to others that my wife is mine?” In this manner, he clearly showed that he had no intention of going to the International Court of Justice.
Isn’t it a bizarre thinking, that “Dokdo is my wife?”
In addition to Roh Moo-hyun but Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Lee Don-won, reportedly used the expression for the first time during a foreign affairs committee meeting of the 6th Korean National Assembly nearly 50 years ago. This bizarre thought, that “Dokdo is my wife,” is certainly a genuine Korean-style of thinking, a rather abnormal, pathological expression.
It seems that Korean’s anti-Japanese image of Japanese is both masochistic and sadistic.
Their thinking of Japan is: “The Japanese killed Queen Min, our national mother, and after they gang-raped her corpse, they burned it,” “The Japanese kidnapped as many as two hundred thousand pure young girls, raped them and made them sex slaves of the military,” “They illegally arrested campaigners for independence and under the pretext of interrogation, they committed horrible torture, scraping suspects’ nails, hanging them upside down and pouring salt water into their nostrils from a kettle;” “That’s who they are.”
What is written above are fanciful stories not based on facts. As to the comfort women, the “kidnapping” of “two hundred thousand pure girls,” has been exposed as a lie. As to “campaigners for independence”, even core members of this campaign, including drafters of the declaration of Korean independence, were sentenced to less than three years of prison. So the Korean stories mentioned above are fake. However, Koreans never get into a thorough discussion of the facts. That is why their sadistic-masochistic view of Japan cannot be maintained without evoking fantasy.
What is needed is a deep analysis of the special Korean psychological structure.


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