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SDHF Newsletter No.187 Book Review Taiwan- History of Agonies

Taiwan: A History of Agonies
Ong Iok-tek
(English language Translation by Shimamura Yasuharu, edited by Ong Meiri)
(Reviewed by Aldric Hama)

November 7, 2017

This legendary book, originally written in Japanese, was translated into English in 2015 and published by Avanguard Publishing House in Taipei.
Mr. Aldric Hama wrote a lengthy review of this book, in summary:

It is not usual that a patriot conveys his deep appreciation of his homeland—but in an entirely alien language? Linguistics professor Dr. Ong Iok-tek wrote Taiwan: A History of Agonies in Japanese, a moving historical summary of Taiwan’s struggle for independence from an indifferent Chinese imperial clique, a murderous Kuomintang oligarchy, and the Chinese Communist Party, the world’s largest one-party dictatorship. Ong documents Taiwan’s economic and social advancement under Dutch “barbarian” rule. The Taiwanese people have always promoted autonomy and jealously guarded their identity, but they reached their social and intellectual zenith via Japanese education. The current generation should take heed of the lessons of previous generations to avoid repeating their pain and suffering.

Full text of the review can be found here.
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Taiwan: A History of Agonies
Avanguard Publishing House, 2015, Taipei
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