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SDHF Newsletter No.186 Statement of protest to UNESCO

Statement of Protest Concerning the Rejection of our Tibet-Tongzhou Joint Nomination to the UNESCO Memory of the World Register
Fund for Archives of the Tongzhou Massacre
October 31, 2017

On October 30, UNESCO released, on its homepage, a list of seventy-eight new items to be registered in the Memory of the World Register. Previously, the Fund for Archives of the Tongzhou Massacre and Gyari Bhutuk had jointly nominated for registration a collection of documents entitled “Abuses of Human Rights – Tibet and Tongzhou” (Registration Code MoW2016-75). However, the nomination was not included on UNESCO’s list–apparently UNESCO has decided to reject it for inclusion.
It is possible that rejection of the joint nomination was politically motivated. If such was the case, then one should wonder how the Nanjing Massacre was registered in 2016, it too being political and an incredibly controversial issue.
The statement of protest can be found here:



We have previously introduced in our Newsletter 8 of the 18 items which were nominated for registration. For your reference, they are presented here:

1. “Bearing Witness to the Ravages of War in North China” by Yoshiya Nobuko
2. Affidavit prepared by Lieutenant-General KAYAJIMA, Takashi
3. Sworn Deposition by Major KATSURA Shizuo
4. Sworn Deposition by Major SAKURAI, Fumio
5. Testimony of Hamaguchi Shigeko
6. My Escape from Tongzhou(Tungchow), the City of Death
By Ando Toshio, Domei News Agency / North China correspondent
7. Background and aftermath of the Tōngzhōu Mutiny
By Yoshimori Tachibana, Tokyo Nichinichi Shimbun Press
8. The Testimony of Ms. SASAKI Ten

MOTEKI Hiromichi, Acting Chairman
for KASE Hideaki, Chairman
Society for the Dissemination of Historical Fact