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SDHF Newsletter No.182 Nanjing Incident-Japanese Eyewitness 2

The Nanjing Incident: Japanese Eyewitness Accounts
-Testimony from 48 Japanese Who Were There-
By Ara Ken’ichi
No.2: Chapter 1 Nanjing, as Observed by Journalists
1. Asahi Shimbun Newspaper
2. Mainichi Shimbun Newspaper

October 11, 2017

We present No. 2 in this series, which contains Chapter 1: Nanjing, as Observed by Journalists, 1. Asahi Shimbun Newspaper (three staffers) and 2. Mainichi Shimbun Newspaper (four staffers). These two newspapers are representative of Japanese newspaper in terms of quality and volume.
On reading their words, you see that most of them said that they neither saw a massacre nor hear of a massacre. In their company group meetings, “massacres” were not at all raised as a significant news item.
Some staffers however did mentioned that they saw “massacres”. However, reading carefully, one will see that they saw corpses of Chinese soldiers, an execution of unauthorized plain-clothed soldiers and guerillas, killing of enemy soldiers by a single corporal, and so on, unfortunate yet universal phenomena on battlefields. If these are considered “massacres”, then all the battles are indeed “massacres”. The battle of Nanking was not an anomaly—it was just one large battle of many.
We invite you to read their testimonies.



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