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The Senkaku Islands Constitute an Intrinsic Part of Japan

By Moteki Hiromichi,


Abstract: Senkaku Islands Constitutes an Intrinsic Part of Japan
As meticulously verified in our site,
the Senkaku Islands are an inherent territory of Japan. The five pieces of evidence presented there were provided by the Chinese themselves, either through official documents, the state newspaper or maps authorized by the state. The Chinese government claims sovereignty over the Islands by showing historical documents, but they are invalid from view point of modern international law regarding territory sovereignty. They say “Senkaku” appears in old maps. But even the most recent official Qing statutory encyclopedia Qing Huidian, “Senkaku” is not mentioned in spite of the fact that all of the islands associated with Taiwan are described therein. China even presents a fabricated réscript of Xi tai hou. This paper exhaustively reviews all of these facts.