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Tomisawa Shigenobu

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Tomisawa Shigenobu was born in 1926 in Yokohama. After graduating from Tokyo University, he went to work for Sumitomo Trust Bank, rising to director and then managing director. After retirement, Mr. Tomizawa joined Sumitomo Leasing, serving as vice-president until 1988. Since then he has devoted much of his time to historical research. He has served as director and secretary-general of the Japan “Nanking” Society, and chairman of the Study Group for the Examination of the Nanking Incident. Mr. Tomisawa is currently an auditor of the Committee for the Examination of the Facts about Nanking. Among his many publications are At the Core of the Nanking Incident: Using a Database To Shed Light on the Controversy (2003), Complete Translation and Analysis of “Documents of the Nanking Safety Zone” (2004), and The Evolution of the Nanking Incident (2007), all issued by Tendensha.