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Nishimura Shingo

Profile: Mr. Nishimura Shingo
Mr. Nishimura was born in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture, on July 7, 1948.
After graduating from the Faculty of Law, Kyoto University, he passed the national bar examination in 1982.
He was elected to the House of Representatives for the first time in 1993. He belongs to the House Judicial Affairs Committee.
He has successively served in various posts, including Vice-President of Diet Members’ League for the Early Repatriation of Japanese Citizens Abducted by North Korea.
His major books include:
Ruin the Country or Restore it: Post-War Japan Must Stop Fifty Years of Self Injury (Tenden-sha) 1995
Who Does Not Think of the Fatherland: What Are Statesmen’s Missions? (Crest-sha) 1997
A Country of the Rising Sun in Maritime Asia (Tenden-sha) 2000
Who Ruins the Country: Yasukuni, Constitution, the Diplomacy of Apology (Tokuma-shoten) 2001
The Fight Continues (Tenden-sha) 2003
Shingo’s Patriotism (Takagi-shobo) 2005
A Country that Never Succumbs to China’s Threatening (WAC) 2010
China Should be Punished (K & K Press)(2014)