About Us

We are a group of volunteers who subscribe to the preceding Mission Statement. Our group receives no direct assistance from any other organization. This website is sustained by those who signed the Mission Statement; they solicit the necessary funds via voluntary donations. Currently, we have ten members; their names and responsibilities are listed below.

Chairman: Kase Hideaki

Deputy Chairmen:  Hyodo Nisohachi
  Fujii Genki
  Takamichi Shugo
  Nishioji Tatsuki
  Moteki Hiromichi
  Kuroki Satoru
  Fujita Hiroyuki
  Sato Tadashi
  Kikuchi Tadashi
  Moteki Hiromichi (Secretary)
  Kuroki Satoru (Auditor)
Advisory@Board:  Ijiri Tosio     Takayama Masayuki
  Ohara Tasuo     Takubo Tadae
  Kusaka Kimindo     Hasegawa Michiko
  Klein Takako     Pema Gyalpo
  Ko Bunyu     Miyazaki Masahiro
  Sugihara Seishiro     Momochi Akira
  Seki Hei     Watanabe Shoichi